General Guarantee Terms and Conditions TG GROUP sp. z o.o. Al.Wolności 22, 41-219 Sosnowiec, hereafter referred to as the Guarantor, ensures the invoiced equipment the Buyer receives is of high quality and works correctly in accordance with the standards for such equipment, on condition that it is used for its intended purpose under normal working conditions described in the instructions attached to the equipment or the invoice issued by the Guarantor.

  • 1. General terms and conditions
  1. The Seller provides a guarantee for the period indicated in the instructions for that particular piece of equipment. The start date is the date the invoice is issued.
  2. In case the goods are sold in circulation between traders based on Article 558 §1 of the Polish Civil Code, the parties exclude responsibility of the Guarantor under the guarantee conditions.
  3. The warranty covers defects and damages to the machinery that resulted at the manufacturer's fault, caused by material defects, incorrect use of machine or assembling.
  4. The warranty covers repairs of the equipment or its elements or the replacement of the equipment for one that is new and free of defects.
  5. Repairs or replacements of the equipment are conducted by the Guarantor.
  6. Equipment that is to be replaced or repaired should be sent to the Guarantor by the Buyer.
  • 2. Warranty Claim
  1. Repairs or replacements of the equipment that is under the warranty will take place after a written request describing the damage is given to the Guarantor by the Buyer.
  2. The Guarantor is required to contact the Buyer within 2 working days after having received the defect claim and determine a way of fixing the fault.
  • 3. Warranty Procedure
  1. Repair or replacement of equipment that is under the warranty is preceded by an initial inspection of the damaged equipment. The aim of the inspection is to determine the type and reason behind the fault and also to make an initial decision if repair or replacement of the equipment is necessary. The inspection is conducted by the Guarantor at their headquarters.
  2. The result of the inspection and the acceptance that damaging undergoes warranty means the Guarantor begins fixing the fault.
  3. The damaged product must have undamaged nameplates and other descriptors that allow for an unquestionable identification of the equipment.
  4. If the result of the inspection by the Guarantor is that the damage does not fall under the warranty terms and conditions the inspection costs and any additional costs to it are covered by the Buyer.
  • 4. Warranty Exclusions.
  1. The following are not covered by the guarantee:
    a)defects caused by the equipment being used in an inappropriate way according to the instructions or reconstructions, changes in the construction have been made by the user or third parties;
    b) defects caused by the user not having done maintenance, cleaning and adaptation activities with the equipment;
    c) defects caused by external elements, especially mechanical damages;
    d) natural wear out compatible with the properties or purpose of the equipment;
    e) damages made by mechanical, thermal, or chemical factors and other caused by the user or external forces;
    f) damages to the paint coating that are in direct contact with the working elements;  g) damages that are the result of transportation or while loading the equipment with any type of transporter and also in the case that damage protocol was not written while delivery by a courier (protocol should be signed immediately after the damage is documented and no longer than 7 days after delivery).
  • 5. End of Warranty
  1. The guarantee expires prior to the term specified if the Buyer:
    a) causes the damage;
    b) makes changes in the construction without prior consent or knowledge of the Guarantor;
    c) makes repairs and replaces damaged equipment or its parts via individuals or companies other than the Guarantor or those recommended by the Guarantor;
    d) does not abide by the maintenance schedule of the Guarantor indicated in the instructions or in a separate contract.
  1. e) buying via “configurator” warranty covers complete set (i.e. unit, hoses, spray guns/lances). Warranty does not cover products that have different wires and spray guns than the ones available on store.


  1. Both parties may decide that the replacement of some parts or components can be conducted by the Buyer of their own matter without losing the guarantee. Agreements should be made by both parties on paper.
  • 6. Buyer Responsibilities
  1. The Buyer is responsible for:
    a) checking whether the equipment has no mechanical damages upon delivery;
    b) contacting the Guarantor on paper about the damage issue immediately or no later than 7 days after delivery also in case the equipment has been working for 7 days after the fault had occurred;
    c) allowing the Guarantor to fulfil their obligations under the guarantee;
    d)  entitlements according to given warranty can be done only after Buyer presents a copy of the invoice